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Chartwell Resource Group Ltd., united in 2021, is the natural collaboration of Hedberg and Associates, established in 2004, and Chartwell Consultants, established in 2000.


Together our group provides natural resource management consulting services to a wide range of clients in government, industry and First Nations.  We have grown from a small group of operational foresters into a multi-disciplinary team offering a broad spectrum of natural resource management consulting services from four offices in British Columbia.

The interdisciplinary services offered by our team combine experience in forest management, resource and land management, road and bridge engineering, GIS and mapping, LiDAR, asset inventory, environmental science, planning, ecology, and recreation.

Since inception, Chartwell has developed a solid reputation of providing quality services to solve challenging issues. Our team strives to deliver solutions that are operationally practical, environmentally responsible and fit within our client’s budget.

The added value that we continually offer our clients is our strong local knowledge, our ability to access rugged and challenging terrain and effective use of land management planning tools.

To ensure that our clients’ high standards are met, we operate all major software packages and aggressively maintain our place at the forefront of technology.

In response to our clients’ needs, we can draw on our working associations with selected consultants in related disciplines, such as hydrology, wildlife management and geomorphology. Chartwell takes great pride in delivering high-quality products and services and we are constantly looking for new processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Chartwell has more than 60 staff dedicated to delivering quality products and services. With our strong technical expertise and innovative approaches, combined with our unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty, we are dedicated to exceeding industry standards in customer service, dependability, and value.


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Our companies have operated separately and collaboratively on many projects together in the past, including a successful joint venture, Energy Resource Group, from 2011 to 2020.

Chartwell Resource Group Ltd. and McTavish Resource & Management Consultants Ltd. have formed a Strategic Partnership that delivers practical and innovative solutions to the natural resource sectors.

Visit https://www.mctavishconsultants.ca.

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