Oil and Gas

Chartwell delivers cost-effective resource management expertise to the oil and gas sector. Our strength lies in developing practical solutions for linear developments in forested environments that span multiple overlapping jurisdictions, remote access issues and a variety of environmental constraints.


This industry faces the same challenges of timber clearing, road access, and permitting that we deal with for many clients. We understand the intricacies of these challenges, and provide solutions that are practical and economically feasible. With the use of landPLANNER™, our powerful web mapping tool and data collection system, we are more than just an answer; Chartwell is a solution.

Our Services

  • Site access reconnaissance
  • New corridor clearing and access, estimating, design and implementation
  • Forestry baseline Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Surveying and layout of access roads, pipeline right of ways and infrastructure locations
  • Resource environmental assessments (e.g. riparian classification, terrain stability, gullies visual impact etc.)
  • Road access and route layout, planning and mapping
  • Road reconstruction and upgrade surveys
  • Site surveys for major culverts or bridges
  • GIS mapping and analysis including the use of LiDAR and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Vegetation management of existing pipelines
  • Applications and permitting

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