Chartwell offers integrated forest consulting services from the initial reconnaissance phase through to the final stages of silviculture and restoration.

Our Registered Professional Foresters and Registered Forest Technologists have extensive experience throughout the province and provide services based on strong fundamentals in forestry operations and field engineering. Our Forestry team is completely integrated with our Engineering and GIS and Mapping Departmentss to deliver seamless service to our clients. We specialize in providing quality consulting services that seek to maximize timber development while at the same time protecting non-timber values.

We also provide Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Consulting Services in both urban and urban interface environments. Through tree inventories and forest management plans, Chartwell’s Arboriculture consulting services can add value to properties by increasing site safety and aesthetics, while providing the information needed to make calculated risk management decisions and accurate budget plans.

Our Services

  • Feasibility, planning, and project management
  • Timber and access reconnaissance
  • Permitting and development
  • Forest tenure management
  • Timber inventory and valuation, Appraisals, ESF/RESULTS
  • Cultural heritage and resource assessments
  • Cutblock/ road layout, surveying and design
  • Bridge site surveys using total station equipment
  • Data management
  • Forest fire management and forest health
  • Post-harvest waste and residue surveying
  • Silviculture site plans and surveys

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