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LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is efficient and cost-effective. LiDAR can reduce field time looking for existing infrastructure under the forest canopy,  tall trees, assessing slopes, and scouting roads.


Regardless of the sector, this results in time and cost savings for our clients. Services include acquisition management and data management solutions, freeing you to concentrate on other tasks. Our web-based data access tools allow you to view, mark up and download LiDAR data products and more, (e.g. contours, Canopy Height Model and road alignments) without the need for specialized software or massive amounts of storage space. At Chartwell, we have carefully integrated LiDAR into our core services. The result is enhanced design and planning for clients, while offering cost savings in many cases.

Our Services

  • Lidar For Forestry
  • How Does Lidar Work?
  • Utilities For Energy Use
  • Acquisition Management
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis

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